The North West Umpires Association Inc. was incoperated in 1950 and is one of Tasmania’s largest and most successful umpiring bodies. Umpires are appointed to the Tasmanian State League (TSL), Northern Tasmanian Football League (NTFL), and the North West Junior Football Association (NWJFA).

Our members have subjected themselves to a strict Code of Conduct and set of Rules and Instructions. It is essential for the orderly management of our Association that each and every member understands and continues to observe these regulations and obligations

The Association is completely independent of any football league and is set up and governed by its own rules of Incorporated Associations. The rules provide that the members will each year (in August) elect a committee of eleven who will be responsible for managing and administering the affairs of the NWUA for the ensuing football season.

A Regional Umpiring Coach (RUC) is appointed to oversee all umpiring matters and conduct and direct practical theory sessions with TSL and regional umpires. The RUC observes NWUA Umpires and provides them with coaching feedback. The RUC is head of a regional team that includes a field umpires coach, boundary umpires coach, and a goal umpires coach.


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